Recycle your jewellery

Hand-made African necklace

Hand-made African necklace

My Labour behind the Label Six items Challenge started today!

For a university visit and a 5 hours of travelling I wore my black jeans, red top and grey cardigan, with a necklace handmade in Africa. I am relying on my jewellery (and scarves) to bring subtle changes to the limited number of outfits I can make out of the 6 key pieces of clothing I am allowed to wear from now until 4th April, which seems ages away.

I recently cleared out my jewellery box to get rid of some of the ‘tat’ I have bought over the years. If yours is full of broken chains, bad taste costume jewellery, rings that don’t fit and the odd broken watch I have the charitable and environmentally friendly answer.

You can send your unwanted, broken and damaged gold, silver, costume jewellery and watches freepost to Traidcraft at:

FREEPOST RSXA-GJBY-ARRZ, Traidcraft, Unit 14, Amber Business Village, Amber Close, Tamworth  B77 4RP

Traidcraft is a charity that fights poverty through trade, for example by providing skills and saplings to grow tea in countries like Bangladesh where thousands of families struggle to grow the food they need to survive.

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