When less is more!

Everything will fit on just 6 coathangers

Everything will fit on just 6 coathangers

‘When less is more’ is the title of an article written by Maggie Bright that I tore out of a magazine years ago. I re-read it regularly and have shared it with dozens of people. Maggie describes how she started de-cluttering on a small scale, gradually taking it to extremes and claimed it turned her life around:

  • Get rid of some of your belongings and you’re free to redefine yourself
  • Once you de-clutter, life becomes simpler
  • Apply the William Morris rule – everything you own is either beautiful or useful

She suggests you start by sorting out your sock drawer, see how therapeutic it is, then carry on through all your drawers and you could even end up clearing out your garage!  Her entire wardrobe could fit on 10 clothes hangers, although I’m not suggesting you might want to go that far! I have to admit that I can be rather tentative when it comes to saying goodbye to some of my clothes, and keep things just in case. However, given that as part of the LBL Six items challenge I am attempting to prove that I can survive for 6 weeks with 1 dress, 1 pair of trousers, 2 tops and 2 cardigans (that’s only 6 hangers), this should surely dispel all worries that I won’t be able to manage if I part company with a few old favourites.

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