Committing to the Six Items Challenge

Six items challenge

Six items challenge

Hello and welcome to my new site, created January 2015!

And to get it started, I’m just about to commit to the Labour Behind the Label ‘Six Items Challenge’ which starts on February 18th 2015.  For six weeks (Lent), I will wear the same six articles of clothing!  The rules allow as many accessories as you like and doesn’t count necessary uniforms, coat, sports gear or underwear thank goodness!

Why?  Label Behind the Label is the organisation this ‘Fashion Fast’.  They want to draw our attention to the sweat shops, poor working conditions and pay that is less than a living wage in countries like Bangladesh that supply many of our high street stores.  The challenge provides a talking point and blogging opportunity.

I have chosen pretty basic but versatile items that I hope will stimulate creativity with accessories, bags, shoes and jewellery.

  1. black jersey dress
  2. black jeans
  3. white lacy top
  4. dark red paisley top
  5. long grey ribbed cardigan
  6. stone zip-up long-sleeved top

I wish to confess up front that I am looking forward to attending a wedding at the end of March and may opt out for half a day, so will start a day early to compensate.

So could you join this challenge?  Give it some thought,

Rosie x

7 thoughts on “Committing to the Six Items Challenge

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  2. Swissrose

    I did this challenge last year and it was fine. I had one thin patterned dress, grey jeggings, 3 tops (sleeveless, short-sleeve, 3/4 sleeve) and a cardigan – the challenge was March/April in 2014 so a little later than this year, so my choices covered warmer weather (though I layered with thermals when it was cold!) and even a funeral. Now I’m debating my choices for this year’s earlier (colder!) challenge! It’s very doable, I found :).


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