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To Die For – is fashion wearing out the world? – Lucy Siegle

Lucy Siegle bookI challenge you to read this book, written by Lucy Siegle, who writes an ethical living column for the Observer and has presented on ‘The One Show’.  It will make you seriously question whether you should ever go clothes shopping again, apart from possibly at your local charity shop.  We (consumers) are having a devastating effect on the planet and the lives of many of its inhabitants.  A hard-hitting must-read book that’s not what you want to hear.  You might not enjoy but will certainly act upon!

Top to Toe ‘the ultimate guide to becoming who you want to be’ – Nicky Hambleton-Jones

Top to Toe BookcoverThis is a great self-help, ‘get a grip of your life’ book which helps you sort out your image along the way. Nicky turns her life around from rock-bottom redundancy to image consultant and presenter of ’10 years younger’. A great read. Nicky is bossy and no-nonsense, and living proof. If you need a kick up the backside to get the new you into gear and live your dreams this should do the trick.


You are what you wear – ‘what your clothes reveal about you’ – Dr Jennifer Baumgartner

You are what you wear book coverI expected this book to tell me that if I parade around in red high heels I am bold and flirtatious or, if I wear a grey pleated skirt I am frumpy and introverted. In other words to interpret my character from my outfits. However, as a psychologist, Jennifer takes you through various scenarios of people she has counselled, such as ‘when you buy more than you need’, or ‘when you are not dressing for your age’. She analyses their wardrobes, identifies their psychological state and takes steps to address the issues through their ‘closet’. This book is very American! There is a questionnaire you can complete to see if you fall into any of the categories. An interesting read though maybe predictable.

That extra half inch – ‘hair, heels and everything in- between’ – Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham book coverA chatty-style book with good advice on dressing – lengths of clothes, tips for getting the right look with recommendations on where to buy. Victoria displays good practical fashion sense covering designer to high street. Despite her love of fashion it’s pretty much jeans and heels all the way.


The Thoughtful Dresser –  Linda Grant, prize-winning novelist

The thoughtful dresser book coverAn excellent and ‘intelligent’ book that explores our relationship with clothes by someone not pertaining to be a fashion adviser or an expert dresser herself. I found I could really relate to parts of this book and identify with her attitude to clothes. Linda justifies why people should take an interest in what they wear, and believes that even those who appear not to care are making a deliberate statement about themselves in the way they dress.   The book also includes interviews with celebrated fashion names and explores their rise to success. I would definitely read this again.

Why Fashion Matters – Frances Corner, Head of London College of Fashion

Why fashion matters book coverThis is a book of 101 thoughts on a wide range of fashion-related topics. Frances justifies why in her eyes fashion will always exist. Her view is that fashion is about how we present ourselves to the world and how we want to be viewed. She includes item on ethical, cultural, designer, futuristic and intimate ideas of fashion. Rather a serious book. A very mixed collection of thoughts, some more interesting than others.







2 thoughts on “Fashion reads

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  2. novemberdelane

    I’ve been meaning to read something a little more fashion-oriented than my usual lectures for quite a long time, and there it is, the list I’ve so long waited for. 😉
    I find “Why Fashion Matters” to be particularly fascinating. Do you have any particular recommendations?



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