A Fashion Fast to oppose Fast Fashion

Six items challenge

Six items challenge

I am writing this on the eve of the final day of my ‘Six Items Challenge’. I have been wearing the same six items of clothing for six weeks in order to raise money for ‘Labour behind the Label’. This organisation campaigns for better working conditions and a living wage for the garment workers who labour in terrible conditions for low pay in order to bring us cheap fashion on the high street.

 What have I learnt from the challenge?

  •  I could survive with a minimalist wardrobe and a washing machine
  • I evidently don’t need many clothes therefore I should buy less, but purchase good quality as cheap items soon look worn out
  • People don’t tend to notice whether you’re wearing pretty much the same all the time!
  • Choose fairly plain, classic (less memorable) items that mix and match
  • The secret of not getting bored and creating new looks is accessories – scarves, coloured tights, belts, different footwear and jewellery.
  • Fewer clothes meant doing housework in my work dress and not getting changed to go out somewhere nice
  • Try to avoid black, it gets depressing wearing it so often

I am looking forward to wearing the rest of my neglected wardrobe and changing the coat I have worn everywhere for 46 days!  Go on try it!

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