Are you a frustrated shopper?

I spent 2 long days traipsing around Sheffield city centre and its outlying mega shopping centre Meadowhall, returning frustrated, with only one jacket to show for it! How could I fail to spend my well-earned cash on a few choice garments in this multiplex of fashion excess?

Maybe I’m a difficult customer, or just indecisive or too fussy? Did I know what I was looking for? Did I identify a gap in my wardrobe or was I there on two days’ escapism hoping to return home armed with wonderful purchases that would transform my image and my life? I searched through the rails – nice, but not my colour, not my size, wouldn’t suit my body-shape or would make me look like a teenager or a granny. Is this really me? Should I be more adventurous or would my transformation cause small talk in the office. The quality is poor or the price is extortionate and come to think of it, do I really need it? That’s nice, but I’ve already got one at home just like it!

Despite my lack of purchases, I actually like shopping and prefer to see clothes and try-on there and then rather than shop on-line and wait. So I’m pretty determined that next time I shop I will be more successful because I have a plan of action!  You may be someone who comes home with bag-loads of super outfits, or maybe you go overboard and impulsively buy things you’ll never wear.  Either way failing to plan is planning to fail! So before I hit the shops again I need to prepare:

  • Lay out the all clothes I currently own that are suitable for the coming season on my bed
  • Remove tired, least favourite, hardly worn and dated items
  • Mix and match to identify some favourite outfits
  • Identify what is missing – a top, a jacket, a bag, shoes?
  • Start a shopping wish list to include what are the most important factors about each item, for example, shoes must be fit for walking round town, top must go with work suit, jacket should be lightweight for summer and smart enough to go out in, bag should be big enough for laptop
  • Plan a day out on my own, trying most likely stores first, with coffee stops along the way
  • Wear or take anything I’m trying to match
  • Have fun and allow for creativity whilst being focussed on what I’m looking for
  • Don’t forget accessories

My only problem then will be once I’ve bought everything I need I won’t have an excuse to go shopping!

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