Remember Benetton?

Remember Benetton, the shop with the piles of neatly folded colourful jumpers? If you dared to unfold a jumper you would get frowned upon by an exasperated assistant!

Remember the Rana Plaza disaster of 2013 where over 1,000 garment workers were killed when the factory collapsed?

My six items

My six items

Two weeks into my ’Six items challenge’ I am remembering why I am wearing the same six items of clothing for six weeks. I am supporting Labour behind the Label (LBL), an organisation which campaigns for better conditions and a living wage for the garment workers who make most of our clothes. The sponsor money I raise will help their campaign.

FACEBOOKPAYUPLOGOLBL has managed to secure compensation for many of the survivors and remaining families affected by the Rana Plaza tragedy from the companies whose garments were produced there. However, Benetton has failed to pay up!  To sign a petition to encourage Benetton to pay compensation, click here

Thanks for your support!

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