Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise

Some of my favourite scarves

Some of my favourite scarves

Compared to climbing the 3 peaks, running 10K or sitting in a bath of custard for 24 hours, wearing 6 six items for 6 weeks, as a colleague commented, “doesn’t sound very hard – as long as you’re allowed to wash them”!  But 6 weeks is a very long time! With a wardrobe full of clothes, some of which I never wear, once that becomes a ‘no-go’ area, chances are I’ll be dying to wear that old bodycon beige skirt by day 29 in the black dress.

So my strategy for keeping up my spirits and momentum up is going to be ‘accessorise, accessorise, accessorise’.   As NHJ (Nicky Hambleton-Jones) presenter of ’10-years younger’ with the signature spectacles says, “1/3 of your clothing budget should be spent on accessories”.  “They are the one thing that separate the stylish from the average”, and “they will help you get more out of your existing wardrobe”. This is particularly encouraging if it’s going to consist of only 6 lonely specimens.  So as the dictionary defines it, I’m going to ‘complement, enhance, set off, show off, beautify, pretty (up), embellish and even festoon to my heart’s content.

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